Jan 012014

IMG_20131231_192139.. to you and yours and all the world. May this year bring you lots of happiness, good health and lots of great flying!

With the festivities out of the way, it’s time to return to rebuilding websites.  My progress is too slow, I know. I need to do it differently. Not sure how,  I’ll think about that tonight!

I decided to update the Insider with a Jeti RX. The 9 channel receiver did not comfortably fit in the designated space, so I removed the box and put some heat-shrink on it. Also checked the main battery, it will be good for a few more flights. There’s a fresh Vario on the way, to go with the Jeti-system. Basically the same as the previous unit, just less hassle (I hope). The ‘hassle’ is that I usually forget the charge the receiver 😉




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