Every engine needs a firewall.

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Sep 032019

Slow day today, ran out of silver again. Never mind, Ralph from sonderlote.de is sending another load!

Anyway, stumbled across a bit of aluminum that just looked like it wanted to be a firewall. I made it the high tech way, from dxf to cnc. Of course I keep saying to myself that in order to cut alu you need the right bits and proper cooling. Never mind, it worked sort of. No damage was done to man or machine.

Blue dot is carb intake. Not planned, just sort of happened to end up there.
..and it’s a good time to check prop clearance. Looks ok, it’s about 8+ cm when on wheels.

No workies today? I officially have now joined the ever growing army of AOP’s. Not full time mind you, for starters just 2 days a week, the other 3 are needed to fund the hobby! But it is nice to have a 4 day weekend 😉