Ailerons again

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Oct 182020

Some of the drawings are not to scale, which is no problem if you build the full size version. A few important ribs are drawn full size, and from there it is easy to find the missing dimensions. Because the dimensions on a piece of paper are very hard to determine accurately, I found I needed to start measuring from the full size ribs on paper. From there it is easier to scale everything back to 1/3 scale.

There is a drawing with dimension to create the curved trailing edge, but there was no reference to the distances to the spars. Anyway, doing the extra work was not difficult, just time consuming.

dimensions for full size
wing goes down
this also gives the max deflection of the aileron.

Still trying to work out the trailing edge. It’s a 1″ alu shaped piece. Since it is not available any more, people use a traditional wooden one. However, since the ribs are quite small at that point I’m still not sure how to attach it. One option is the method using gussets on top and bottom.

trailing edge with some carbon for support.

Build support for the trailing edge and aileron spar. This should keep things lined up. Next step, attaching the root ribs to the trailing edge and build the aileron ribs.

While I have the router setup for cutting wood, I’ll do the nose templates for the ASK21 wing.

lots of filling and sanding to get to this shape!

Lots of fiddly bits, progress seems slow, but it’s raining, so who cares. Getting the aileron spar dimension correct is what is holding me up.

I am going to cut some negative ribs to slide over the aileron ribs, so that the trailing edge ends up where I want it. Even with the jigs on the building board I am not getting the right alignment results. Which probably means there is an error somewhere.

Sometimes you miss the obvious: there are no capstrips on the aileron ribs! that makes things easier. Tomorrow is another day, another challenge.

oh dear, is that not dangerous?
nah, get’s the job done. (4x4mm with 2 mm slot)
and some fun with the wingtips

one day I’ll turn this into a readable story, now it’s my diary!

That’s it for this week!