A man needs a seat

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Nov 262019

In order to fly by the seat of his pants, a pilot needs a seat. For weight saving reasons this one used aluminum straps. I am sure that solution was fine in sunny California, but I doubt it would be comfortable over here. Never mind, scale is scale! I might at some stage add the fake rivets that secure the ends around the tubing.

I just realize I forgot to add the attachment points for the safety belt.. Soldering stainless steel (750 C) and alu (melts at 350C) don’t go together. Guess I’ll have to fake soldering them (JB weld to the rescue)

The back support of the seat is made from heavy canvas, I must have a look if I can find some old suitable trousers!

I suppose it would also be a Good Idea to make sure you can reach the servo from the bottom of the fuselage. I can feel a non-scale access hatch coming up!

Not visible anymore is the connecting rod between stick and servo. I replaced the first solid version by one that can telescope. Just to make sure we don’t get any unwanted inputs from ye driver! It works like a servo-saver with 2 springs on either side of a solid point. I have approx 15 mm travel each way. I might do a drawing for that, lest I forget how clever I was.

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