Jan 222014

IMG_20140119_131459Hey, you never know, better to catch it while you can. It was actually quite pleasant last weekend, considering the time of year. Finally managed to get the Jeti and the Insider into some form of happy  co-existance. (Nothing to do with the stick-wiggling meatware of course) Anyways, I did reset my CG to where most people say it should be, 95 mm or thereabouts. Previously I was flying with the CG further back, somewhere 110-ish. Not sure if I like it. It does fly a lot faster this way, maybe it’s good for cold days? So far I haven’t done anything complicated with the setup, first basics, so I can land with confidence, within 5 paces ;-).  All the fun stuff with the vario will be taken care of when the time is there.

InsiderJan2014These are just setup flights, nothing spectacular to see. It’s nice to be able to see the volts of flight-battery  (which is not the motor battery) Of course there is some special wiring involved, but who cares. It’s a leftover from the old MPX days, when I was fighting what I thought was ‘interference’ from the main battery. Turned out to be a sub-optimal Tx battery that went funny, when the beeper was beeping.. It made for some very interesting flights shall we say. Once I find my CG, I will probably go for a 4 cell setup, and will try to loose this extra small Lipo. Maybe. I hate BEC’s! I’ll think about it.

LipoVoltsAnd yes, this coming weekend looks like it is going to be very cold, so it will be back to more server-fun.

I’m approx halfway where I need to be, thanks to yet another botnet-attack. Why do they not go and attack a big bank or something?

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