Surpise, surprise, it works!

After building a nicer box for the electronics, I used my Acrowot as the test-bed of choice, the motor mount is loose, the battery is 7 years old, but hey, just enough oomph for a test. Anyways, looking at the data, I am very happy. My receiver on the shed even picks up the signal … Read more

Could not let it go..

It’s one of these things I knew I could fix, if only I would just concentrate. I’m talking about my almost nose to nose encounter with that heli-boy a while back. It sure did scare me, tell you that! Anyway, we now have the Technology, so next time, he will see me/us. The Technology is … Read more

Flarm tracker

In the summer of 2020 I had the idea that I wanted to let full size pilots know where we are flying. There is no easy way to do that. But then I found the Open glider Network. What started out as a ‘just for fun’ project, turned into something that I don’t want to … Read more