Dec 242013
DSC02448 Chloch Mhór.. If that stone can get to the top of the mountain, then so can I!

Folks. the server crashed.


All websites gone.

This was a cloudserver.

Can’t happen they say, but it did.

It feels funny,  someone surgically removed all directories and logs and all those vital bits for running a server. A crash just wipes out some files, or complete disk, not exactly precisely my website directory with everything.  It feels like a burglary, very scary that people get into your property without leaving a trace.

Now comes the long task of rebuilding everything, it will be done, but will take some time.

I already moved to a different box ( as-far as I can tell from all the signs, this is a real cloudserver) , so it’s completely brand spanking new and very empty. I don’t want to just reload the backups, because I have no idea whodunnit, from where and how. Don’t want to be caught again!

If you happen to be one of the people I host a website for, feel free to contact me at kees @ blok land .  net  (no spaces in the email). Rest assured I do my best to get you back on line asap.

Since my mails are also somewhere in a backup, I do have a bit of an issue contacting everybody individually.

The GrandPlan at the moment is

  •  Get the websites with most traffic up with a message linking to
  •  Make all the other websites visible again.
  •  Restore content.

It’s a plan, don’t hold me to it! It all depends on many things not under my control

It turns out that the smaller sites are easier to restore then the bigger ones. This is of course Bad, because it’s exactly the big ones I need to get backup soonest. It’s an ongoing battle, but unfortunately I don’t have unlimited time available. However, we will get there!

In the meantime, stay safe.

Everything will be okay in the end. If its not okay, its not the End!



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