2014 is almost history..

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Dec 232014

..only minor assembly required..

These last few months I have been rather occupied with a different sort of kit, the sort that only requires me minor assembly of a few bricks 😉

Anyway, we are now at the stage where the workshop is closed to the elements, the rest of the house is warm, and only minor items like bathroom, kitchen and doors need to be installed.

Of course a major item to get ready is the whole workshop. (I had a bit of a hard time convincing the contractor I needed 20 odd sockets minimum in the garage) I haven´t even tried to explain the need for vacuum/compressed air and general dust collection, and at least a dozen or so good lights. I´ll show him when it is done.

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Hello world!

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Dec 242013

..an Chloch Mhór.. If that stone can get to the top of the mountain, then so can I!

Folks. the server crashed.


All websites gone.

This was a cloudserver.

Can’t happen they say, but it did.

It feels funny,  someone surgically removed all directories and logs and all those vital bits for running a server. A crash just wipes out some files, or complete disk, not exactly precisely my website directory with everything.  It feels like a burglary, very scary that people get into your property without leaving a trace. Continue reading »

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Clef two-factor authentication