And a happy new year to you and yours!

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Jan 012020

With all the good times behind us, it’s time to start work again. Santa was kind enough to bring me a handful of drills in all sizes from 1-2 mm. So it’s time to start drilling and tapping holes again. Officially I should drill a 1.6 mm hole for a 2 mm tap, but I find that in stainless steel that is too small. Drilling 1.7 mm works just great. And since there is not really a heavy load on the bolts, it all should work.

adding these little tabs is very time consuming!

Adding the little tabs is a lot of work, if I prepare a whole row it is easier to solder, but takes a lot of time to prepare. Making them individual takes less time to make, but is more difficult to solder. Ah well, it’s all part of the fun. I think this part of the build is the most challenging so far.

looking good! unfortunately that 0.2 mm plating is very easily marked. But I guess that makes it more ”scale”!

Rear end skinning

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Nov 252019

The panels for the access to the rear end are made from 0.3 mm stainless steel. The main challenge was working out a method to fit the panels with screws as per full size. After the inevitable ”not fit for use” parts, I think I worked out a method that I can use at the front as well, without adding too much weight. I am using 2 mm steel strip, partly drilled and cut at the locations I want to keep. I use the panel for alignment, and when the first 2 point are soldered, I remove the panel and solder the remainder. Afterwards I cut of the bits no longer needed. Once the lugs are prepared, they are tapped with 2 mm. At present I am still working on the cutout for elevator, but already it looks great.

In hindsight I should not have followed the plans for locating the tabs. It would have been better to place one or 2 at different locations, i.e. I now need to add 2 extra to hold the front part of the cover and an additional one to hold a filler plate above the hole for the stab. Hey, it’s a Homebuilt!

Prepare the little lugs, next time I need to make a wider cut to prevent the silver flowing up the gap. Also need more clearance at the bottom part. This was the last one, where I thought I could get away with just a bit of relief.
First tacked the other side at 2 locations, using the panel for guidance. Next solder this side.
Left part still needs shortening, right is short enough, just needs a bit of tlc.
and the finished part.
Looking at the shiny side. Next is removing enough material for clearing the stab/elevator.
and the last bit for today..