Designing and building the motor mount.

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Aug 032019

Once it is all finished it looks easy. At the start it’s more like ‘how am I going to tackle this? I decided to use a 3 mm alu plate as a mount for the short tubes that hold everything together. This way I could mount some 5 mm wire studs to hold the motor, and line things up as I think they should be. The frame bolts are actually mounted in the frame, which makes everything line up perfectly. Mind you, this is probably version 1, when I get further along I might need to change things because of balancing, place for the exhaust, servo’s etc. The mounting tubes are still oversized, but better a bit longer then too short. The top cross bracing went OK, when I started adding the bottom ones, I found there is no space for them because of the Walbro carb. In theory the supports on 3 sides would be enough. I also have to think of a place for the exhaust, might have to make something special, since I really don’t want the hot exhaust next to the carb.

I ran out of tubes, so next stop is to figure out what I need, place the order and wait.

The mount weighs nothing of course, I did not weigh it, but I would guess around 90 grams.

For the clever ones: no sidetrust in the mount? Based on good advice I decide to use a throttle to rudder mix to keep things lined up. I can always change it! I also might use this mount for running in. (There is no need for it, I know, but I want to see how it holds mechanically before letting go into the big blue yonder.!)

plates to mount the tubing for brazing.
..bottom view
side view
Top view, those bushings for the bolts will be shortened and I will add an inside tube to prevent buckling. All in good time!

And we have a Valach

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Jul 242019
test fitting the bit at the front.

It fits, no worries there! It’s gonna be jus’ perfect! I am sure I can’t resist building the engine mount next. It might not be the correct size, because depending on the CG I will move the engine forward/back. But it will be a good exercise, and it makes things look real..