Sep 052019

…check There are a surprising amount of active builds going on, and luckily the Acroduster is alive and well. Just an example: here’s a pic of an ”original” compared to mine. Isn’t that fun!

I will have to ask the original posters if I can use their pics here, so right now I’ll leave it at this one pic.

This is a repair job, but there are so many interesting details here.
note the tabs for mounting the skins.
Mine follows the drawings, other then that, not bad!!

Looking at the full size one and the original drawings there are a number of small differences, but as each person decided how to tackle a problem differently, each solution is as good as another.

For me the pic answers these questions:

When the landing gear moves past a certain point, the bungees have to go through the bottom of the fuse. Guess what, you see little doors, which are not in the original drawings. Great idea! You might notice that the skin covering the landing gear is a narrow strip, so when you bump her down too hard, all you need to replace is the 5″ section that covers said LG.

The drawings are not very clear about how to attach the skins to the frame, all you can see is a number of crosses where bolts go. Here you see the answer: a strip is welded to the frame. This is where all the bolts go!

There is a bow for the bottom skin, but not clear how to attach it, other then to the side longerons. Here you see them connected to the heavy cross section. Simple and logical.

This is what you see everywhere, the plans were/are just a general description of the big important stuff. Everything else is left up to you, for your entertainment and pleasure 😉

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