Nov 262019

Long ago I had a Yak that I had to retire because of a wing-tube that approx 3 degrees dehidral (too many snaps I guess). Anyway, I usually keep all the good parts of a retired air-frame. So I had the actual bracket for the wheel. I had a single nice looking wheel, and a bit of carbon. An old wheel axle provided the new bearing for the part.

The result looks good enough for now. The wheel axle needs changing to something steel (brass won’t last long) but that is a later job. The hideous bolt on top will also need hiding at some stage.

And yes, I want to add the weight now, so that later-on I will not have any CG surprises!

Funny enough, Probuild still caries these tail-wheels! (I got mine sometime 2002 I think, when I used to live in Trowbridge/ UK.)

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