Apr 272020
Bike trailer progress!

Might as well celebrate Kings-day my-way 😉

This is the first trial fit for my new bike trailer. I still need to do something on the rear so that there is less change of anything hitting the nose or prop. Wings fit too, and even I can squeeze on the bike. All in all happy with progress.

made a new attachment pin, mangled some iron bits, added a few rubber bands, McGyver would be proud of the construction!

Update 30 April: There was no easy way to properly secure the connecting pin to the saddle post. (If only I could weld). Most of the bike frame is alu, and I did not want to chop up too many things. The solution is what can be seen here. I also added some bling lights to the rear of the trailer, and 2 batteries for charging plane batteries. (2 x 13Ah)

Update 1 Mai: Went for a short drive, just to test road stability and handling. If it was a plane, I would think it works as designed, don’t touch it!

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