Nov 122019

There must be a law for that! Anyway, at the moment of writing I have half the brackets done. Most challenging part is cutting without cutting meat-ware. So far all fingers are present. Material is 0.8 mm stainless, not the easiest to work with. I had some nice clevises from Pete Tindal*, they look good and do the job just fine. They were meant to be used with glue and a 3 mm carbon rod, but cutting a 4mm thread in the hole works great. Cutting a 4 mm bolt to size and drilling a hole for the wire seems to work. I might tidy up the bolt end, it does not look to grand. ( *only people of a certain age will know Pete)

Pete Tindal clevises. He who keeps everything has a lot of junk.
Top elevator, cables, bottom streamline tubing.
Polishing everything will make it look better!
cut narrow 6.5 mm strips
some elbow grease required to make them look nice
and bend them the required 129 degrees. (141 degrees for stab side)

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