Another bit of Black Magic

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Jan 042017

During our holidays in the home country I was entrusted with a handful of carbon, with the request to ‘just build it and enjoy’. Over the last few weeks that building process was finished. Even though the total amount of hours spend are not that many, it all adds up. Today I finally got a new receiver, so after the new batteries arrive, we should be all set to go. All up weight is 220 grams, which probably is a bit on the light side, if I compare it with the Tweagle. I ended up adding some extra weight to that one too. At 245 gram it has better penetration, and it fits my style better.  For this one I decided to make the wing detachable with a home made connector. The pins originated from a scrap cable assembly. (Good thing about working with medical equipment is, that there’s lots of good stuff that we throw away.) Of course I have read stories about bad connections. This one will not have bad connections!  


More after the first flights!

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Out with the old, in with the new..

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Dec 242015

DSCN0106‘t Is the time of year to indulge in a nice wee present for oneself. Given that I need more exercise, I decided to treat myself to a fresh new DLG. The present Blaster is still flying well, but the new breed of DLG´s is just that, totally different animals. Rather then go for something ”foreign”, I decided to call Alex Hoekstra from Tweagle fame, to see if could make me a Xmas present. Lucky for me, the answer was yes. So a quick trip was organised ”up north” and soon afterwards I was able to take posession of a shiny black DLG. First thing you notice is: It weighs nothing! At home I quickly located my scales to find how much nothing is. Wing is 104 grams. (This is the D-box version), El/Ru together 10 gr. Fuse is 38 gr. All added up, we are talking 152 grams for bare carbon! At the moment, the fully assembled glider RTF sits at 230 gr on the scales.

DSCN0102I have 4 KST-08‘s fitted, a Jeti 5 channel RX, a small 2 cell Lipo from ”way long ago”, and my Openaltimeter found a place too.

I updated my Multiplex Cockpit to Jeti, but even though the setup works flawlessly, I might start saving for a true Jeti. Setting up the Cockpit is just so tedious compared to the a proper Jeti system.

Once I do some fine tuning I will probable loose a few more grams. (Wiring is bulky at present, I can also loose the connectors on the receiver, might still change the guitarstrings to a bit of kevlar, we´ll see.

Building a plane like this is not to be undertaken if you have never built something high tech like this. Do take you time planning your build. Everything is just strong enough to do the job, it is not designed to be bashed about in your typical overfilled hobby hideout! Look on RCG for tips. (or RC-Networks).

One thing to note, is that the weight mentioned on the website, is probably ReadyToFly, not bare carbon!

I do not have a lot of build pics, it turns out that fotographing carbon is difficult. Tomorrow we have a midwinter-spring, temps are predicted to hit at least 14C, good enough for a spin I would say. This will be the second outing, the first spins I made 2 days ago in 8 m/s wind, not really that good for a maiden flight. All I can say it went up like the proverbial homesick angel! The third toss showed a respectable 30 meters on the Altimeter, and this was just a gently flip of the wrist!

Merry Xmas everybody, and a Happy NewYear!

Gliders gliders everywhere…

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Apr 232014

IMG_20140420_194858-1Due the the fact all noise has been banned from our field, (except of course from the geese, motorcycles, tractors, mopeds, powerboats etc..) one has to adapt to the situation. Therefore no moaning, just use whatever you can. I´m having lots of fun with my Orion/Insider. After the mishap a while ago, things seem to have settled. I´m using a 14*10 prop now, and get up there ´real fast´. Could do verticals, but it is sometimes hard to see what goes on, so simply going up at an 80 degree angle is good enough. Last time I looked at the logs, I think they show that power is switched off at 100 meters (says the Vario) but it keeps on ascending to 140 meters. Once it goes, it goes!  (For my own record, CG is at 97 at the moment.)

IMG_20140420_133811 Last weekend the poor Blaster suffered a mishap from a pretty violent wind-gust, that lifted both my small Extra and the Blaster in the air and smacked them right into the fence. Not a happy day for the Blaster. There´s some damage on the tailfeathers, so far I´ve fixed things with some tape and it flies again. I´m contemplating if I should repair,  trade up or order new parts.


I revived the Epsilon. Never got the hang of it last year, mostly due to lousy batteries. Today´s efforts were positive, we go up at a reasonable speed, but it is not an Insider! I also need to find more ballast or a bigger battery, but things are managable. I find the flaps extremely effective. You can only deploy them for a few seconds, the plane really stops dead in the air. Fun to watch, but maybe that explains why the manual says to deploy them only. There is a long thread on Rc-Network-de, basically it boils down to:

  • It´s heavier then it´s predecessor. The weight mentioned in the sales-blurb is grossly wrong. I figured that out! Think 3.5 kg.
  • People quickly convert to a 4 cell setup.
  • Flaps need modifying to be able to follow the ailerons.
  • Braking is really effective.
  • Wings are a pain to mount.
  • Mounting stabilizer is questionable
  • Soldering of the elevator wire!
  • Use decent servo´s

Pic below was taken on a Saturday, but due to the restrictions I can not tell you when it was taken.


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