Spring seems to have sprung a leak..

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May 112014

IMG_20140507_160341You’d think it is October when you look out the window. Best advise: Don’t look out! Last few days I have spend updating the 30cc Petrol Yak. I sorted out some of the wiring that was a leftover from the Multiplex days, it’s all a bit neater now. I did add a ignition battery readout, the standard RX already gives me the battery volts. All set to go! Maybe I should put a request to Jeti to create a special gadget for engine-management control. (Emcotech has something like it, Throttle speed Control) Or if all else fails, make one?


  • Ignition power on/off
  • RPM / temperature(s) measurement
  • RMP control (keep it lit, min/max rpm, logging etc)

Put it on the list of Things ToDo Real Soon.

IMG_20140511_130808-1The reason why all my batteries live up-front is a tail-heavy airframe. Maybe caused by the fact I have 2 elevator servo’s, and I did add some hardware to keep the tailsection from rattling about. This is all caused by the fact that the tail-tube is too loose, and things were really shaky. Now everything is solid, and it cuts down on the noise too.  And last, but not least, I need to source a decent 3-blade prop. Looking at an Engel prop, there is not a lot of choice in this size. Presently I run an 18*10,  plenty power, good for running in, but I’m sure I’ll be happy with a bit less power/noise and good flying!

Year end note:
I did have a lot of flights with the Yak, but the more sticktime I got the more I wanted to change it´s behavior. I am now flying with a fair bit of uptrust(!) to counter the inverse pitching up. In short, the airframe might have been ideally suited for 3D, but it´s an IMAC disaster, or challenge. I have things now tuned that at least normal/inverted/vertical up/down is all straight as she goes, no pitch trims. Of course I should really change the wing-incidence, but changing the motor was easier and has the same effect.
due to the 3 blade prop, and less noise/power/rpm, I had to remove every gram of unneeded ballast to get a reasonable performance. The motor is now a bit more settled, and you can fly a half-decent schedule now, but don´t try a long upline!

Nearer the end of the season I had to stop flying. The club has been flying off a bit of land that borders on a Natura 2000 area. Someone complained about that, and we are to remove ourselves. In the end it was not about noise (you could not hear us over the noise of 1000´s of geese) but simply a technicallity, that somewhere along the line, someone did not (on purpose) issue the right bit of paper, because oringinally we were not important enough to be listed in official documents. Lesson learned, ALWAYS get your rights and presence documented, no matter what the friendly official at the council says.

Next year I´ll be flying across the border, where we have other challenges opportunities.

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