when metal meets wood..

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Jun 192020

Making sure wing mates with the fuselage.. And a single 3.18mm pin does secure it to the fuse.

Not much to say, just wanted to see how it looks. After this pic was taken, I glued in a bunch of false nose ribs.

Tubes everywhere..

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Jul 222019

After a few weeks of putting bits of tubing together, I am at the point where things start to look like something you would recognize as a fuselage.

This morning I cleaned up the fuse with a diy sandblaster, much to my surprise this went really well. It’s the usual bucket of dry sand, empty bottle and some compressed air contraption. Needless to say, do wear a decent respirator. For the rest, the neighbors are building an extension to their house, I blame all the extra sand in the air on that!

The brazing is getting easier as we go along, however, the further the construction progresses, the more time it takes to make the parts. (When it looks 80 complete, you have 80% of the work ahead of you 😉

Anyways, below some pics from the various stages of construction. I was at this point still struggling getting the right flame from my torch. After suffering from empty bottles, I have now switched to a decent propane tank (still using the oxy-bottles) and a .6 or .7 mm needle as a welding tip. When I am all finished I will be an expert and write a nice story about the pitfalls of silver soldering.

Alu foil works great for protection of the ply when soldering. 4 layers works fine.
..next time I’ll do it different.
it almost looks real!
these are the templates for rudder/stab/elevator.
as it says: rudder horn.